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Monday, June 27, 2011

Well Done, Keep it Up, My Dear Niece! :)

My mother and I went to fetch my niece back from school on last Friday afternoon. Once my niece has bumped into the car, she was happily telling us that she has got no.11 as her class position for the semester and we all are glad for her too. No doubt that my niece has a big leap of improvements. Guess what?! Her deal with me is still valid. The deal between us is that I would give her a present if she has scored 85% and or above for minimum 3 subjects and she had made it. FYI, I have blogged about this deal before. Haha! I told my niece that I would buy her a present as per deal and I am waiting for her to tell me what she wants.
In order to give her more encouragement and support for the 2nd half of the school year, I have made another deal with my niece. I told her that if she could make it to the top 10 in class position in the coming semester, I would give her a BIG present. My niece is quite excited for it. I wish this would help her to study hard though! :P Anyway, after that, we went to dine at McDonald’s for lunch as her mini celebration for having improvements. The reason we dined at McD is that my niece likes to eat its double cheeseburger.
I am yet to buy the present for my niece as at todate as I am still thinking what I should buy for her. Moreover, she is also yet to tell me what does her like. Perhaps, do you have any suggestions for me?!     


  1. hi, wat is ur budget?

  2. I think aroung RM50. Is it too much or too less?! :P