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Thursday, June 2, 2011

OMG, What's the next Story of the manga (comic) Ouke no Monshou?!

I have blogged about the manga (comic) series of “Ouke no Monshou”aka “The Crest of the Royal Family” or “The Daughter of River Nile” (尼罗河女儿) in last October. I have mentioned that this is the manga series that I have been stopped reading for years since my high school time (only managed to read few volumes at that time), and finally I found it online and could read it again. I thought that I could have finished reading the whole story in this time. However, to my disappointment again, I did not able to read the whole story in this time due to it is only upload until the volume of 55 of the manga series and I think it is much more to the ending of the story! L I am really, really, really, very upset for this happening! L
I want to make a request here. I sincerely wish that if any of you or your friends know if there is/are any websites available for this manga series “ Ouke no Monshou” with the full story or more than volume 55 regardless such manga series is in English or Chinese languages, please let me know as I really, really want to read this story until the end. At least I would like to know the ending of the story if is it a sad or  happy ending!
Thus, I am counting on you, all my friends, please let me know if there is any outcome. If you know there is anime series for this manga, please also let me know. I wish to hear good news from you. I wish to say a BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!!! May GOD bless you! J

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