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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I’ve Caught Flu! :(

Oh Gosh! I’ve caught in flu and coughing badly for almost a week! It is really make me suffer very much, especially at the night time. I couldn’t sleep well for my sleep as I was kept on coughing or nose block.
During the day time, I am having coughing and runny nose too. After taking the medication then feel much better but once the medication is over, gosh, back to sneezing and coughing. I could feel my throat is very “itchy” and dry and makes me coughing badly. I drink very much water but still not help much. L
I am really afraid that history would repeat (coughing too serious/badly and caused the hematemesis)! I really hope that my sickness would heal soon as I am really suffer VERY MUCH from all this sickness. God, please help me!

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  1. The seasonal flu is around the corner. Many people are having flu this month.