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Monday, May 30, 2011

It's School Term Break !!

Hi there! I believe all the school children are very happy in these 2 weeks due to it is the school term break for them from 30/5/2011 until 12/6/2011. I guess some of the parents of the school children are also taking leaves during this period of time as they would travel outstation or overseas together with their kids or spending the time with them.

I think some of the school children would also attend the motivation camps or attend some short courses during this school term break. For me, no matters what the school children do during this term break, as long as it is something meaningful, good and not harm to themselves or others, then it is alright as term break is the time for the school children to rest and relax as I believe they are very tension during the school days.

However, I do not wish to see the school children to do something bad, like hanging around and did nothing, or go to disturb others or fighting. I think this is bad for them. Thus, I wish the parents could take care of their children well and would be able to know what their children would be doing during the term break, otherwise, if something bad had happened, it could be too late for it.

Anyway, I wish all the school children to have a Happy, Enjoyable, & Relax holidays!!! Cheers!!!

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