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Monday, October 20, 2014

My "Special Vacation"

Today is the day 12 of my "special vacation". But don't be jealous or feel happy for me for already having 12 days of vacation. My "special vacation" is meant that I have been admitted into the hospital! 

Yes, today is the day 12 of my staying in the hospital since 9th October 2014. The reason for the admission is I am having bacteria infections in the lung. Thus, I need to have the antibiotics treatment. My treatment is having 3 types of different antibiotics, they are Amikaxin, Lefloxacin, and Azithromizin. The Amikaxin is required to be in I.V treatment whereas the other 2 antibiotics are in oral treatment. 

Besides the antibiotics treatment, I also have to be "kissed" by the "vampire" in every 3 days. This means that I would have blood test in every 3 days to check if the quantity of the antibiotics is suited for  me, or required to increase or decrease the dosage. Moreover, the blood test is required to be done at before and after the antibiotic I.V treatment. This is the reason I called "vampire" for the doctor who comes to take my blood, ie . "kiss"! Haha! Don't you think my description is suitable for that?! :P 

Well, my special vacation has to be here at least until month end. I am still waiting for the result of the bronchoscopy which I have done on the day of my admission. Once the result is out,  the doctor then only found out the exact sickness of mine and decide for further decision. Thus, my "special vacation" is depend on my broncocospy result. 

I wish this special vacation would be ended soon so that I could return to my home. May God blessing me!! ! 

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