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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Japan Mt. Fuji Postcard !

My sister and niece have sent me a postcard from the Mt.Fuji, Japan, when they travelled to Japan during the school holidays. I only received the postcard on 1/10/2014. Anyway, it is a very beautiful postcard indeed and I like it very much.

My sister and niece have visited the top of the Mt. Fuji and they bought a postcard at the souvenir shop there and sent from the post office which located at the Mt. Fuji. I am quite jealous of them as when I visited the Mt. Fuji in year 2008, I did not get the chance to go to top of the mountain as it was snowing heavily and I only able reach the lower part of the mountain.

Anyway, the beautiful postcard that they sent to me is enclosed with a Mt. Fuji stamp too. Mt. Fuji is the world cultural heritage with the height of 3776 meter. I will appreciate this postcard very much as it is very beautiful and also is sent by my family during their trip. Thus, I would like to thank both to my sister and lovely niece. Thank you! Arigato Gozaimasu!!! :)

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