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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Open-Minded vs. Old-Fashioned?!

In the past few days, there is news about the couple who have posted their nude and erotic pictures and videos on their blog. This had made an “INTERESTING” topic to many people I guess.

I believe many people were trying to search for those pictures and videos on the internet. Some who have seen them would have make comments around. Of course, this news has many feedbacks. Some people were very agreed to the couple for posting nude pictures and videos on the blog as they presumed it was the private life of the couple or they are open-minded people. They even wrote in the net by supporting them.

However, some people were totally disagreed with the actions of the couple. Firstly it was the nude and erotic pictures and followed by the video, and moreover, posting on the blog as they could be seen by the whole world. They would think wouldn’t the couple feel embarrassing?! Those people would be the elderly people or could it be considered as old-fashioned?!

According to the couple, they did not feel any embarrassing about their blog. In fact, they said it was their private life and the westerners would act such way too. Thus, I guessed different people have different perceptions then.  

I believe this topic would be “hot” for some days more. As some people agreed and given support to them, and some vice versa. How about you? What do you think? Do you agree with the action of the couple? For me, no matter what the couple had done, they are very popular now. I think they had made it by what they wanted.

Lastly, I would like to highlight again, different people have different perception. If you think it is a correct way, others might not agree with you!!! Am I right?!  

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