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Sunday, March 6, 2011

To Make a Deal with My Niece

One more week, it would be the school holidays. All the students are having their school exams in these few weeks. No doubt, my niece is also having her exams. In order to encourage her to do well for her exams, I have made a deal with her. The deal is if she gets 85% or above for minimum 3 of her exam papers, I would give her a gift. :P

My niece is happily accepted the deal. Well, I hope she would do well for her exams. But I am yet to decide what type of gift I should give to her. Story book? Stationery? I really have no ideas. Maybe you can give me some suggestions?! Anyway, I wish all the best to my niece for her coming exams in this coming week. Go for it, my niece!!! J

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