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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Let's Pray for Japan!

As all of us know that Japan was having a major earthquake and then tsunami. This caused many deaths, injured and missing. However, the situation is now worse as blasts of the nuclear power plants raise radiation threat to the people.

According to the ABC news in about an hour ago, the Japanese government says radiation levels near a quake-stricken nuclear power plant are now harmful to human health, after a further two explosions and a fire at the facility. Thus the people are informed to stay indoors. All the people over the world are very concern about the radiation now. I wish that there would be no more explosions, otherwise the matter would become worse.

Honestly speaking, I feel sorry for the people in Japan. I think they are having a sorrow time now. Thus, let us pray for the people in Japan to be safe and fine. I wish all this hard time would over soon!

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