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Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's MATTA Fair again!

The Travel Fair, MATTA Fair is here again. The Malaysia Association of Tour & Travel Agents (MATTA) Fair is started from 11/3/2011 until 13/3/2011 at the PWTC, KL. I believe many people would go to visit the MATTA Fair.

I used to visit the MATTA Fair every year last time. But I did not go in those back 2 years due to my health problem. In the MATTA Fair, there are hundreds of booth to offer the travel packages for domestic and overseas. For me, I always would go to the booths that offered overseas travel packages. This is due to I am interested in the overseas travel packages. From the MATTA Fair, I could do the survey for the packages. Moreover, there were many cultural shows performance from over the world. I remember I saw the performance shows from Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and many more.

Sometimes I also received some small gifts/souvenirs from some of the booths too, like from Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. The small gifts inclusive postcards, badges, pens, mini umbrella and even a portrait.

I saw some people even brought their passport along when visited the MATTA Fair. This is due to they would sign up immediately once they found the travel package which meet their requirements. Besides, there are booth to sell winter clothes, luggage, anything which relates to the travel.

Well, I don't think I would go to the MATTA Fair this time. This is because I am not allowed to go to the place with crowd. As we know that MATTA Fair is always attract a huge crowd of people. Thus, I would not be able to join this interesting event in this time.

For those who would visit the MATTA Fair, do enjoy yourself!!!

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