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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time for Income Tax Submission

It is the month of March now. It is the time for Income Tax submission. I bet the people are preparing the supporting documents (EA letter, official receipts of insurance premium payments, medical bills, books purchasing, dividend bills, etc.) for the income tax submission. No doubt, I am one of them too.

I already have all my supporting documents ready, except the EA letter from my old company. I would have done my e-submission now if I got my EA letter. Since I am waiting for it, I am doing for my mother instead. Well, I wish that I would receive my EA letter from my old company as soonest possible as I do not like to delay my submission.

I realise that most of the Malaysians like to do the thing in 'last minute', so I would not want to have such thing happen to me. Moreover, the later I do the submission, I think the line would be "jammed" too. Anyway, I wish I could do it latest by this month.

I also would like to advice to the people, make sure you do the Income Tax submission latest by 30/4/2011, otherwise they would be a penalty charges for you.

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