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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Yes! My Fav Football Team, Germany Team, Is in Finals!!!

Yes! Congrats to the Germany team, which is my favourite team has enter into the finals of the World Cup Brazil 2014! Yes, Yes, Yes!!! It was an amazing match between the Brazil team. The score was 7 - 1 in the full time match. Unbelievable scores for both teams and it must be a history too.

My favourite German football players Klose and Muller are also the heroes of the match. Klose has made a new record too, he has has scored 16 balls in the FIFA WOrld Cup. He has broke the records of the Brazilian footballer Ronaldo.Hooray!!!:)

In the first half of the match, the score was 5 - 0 as Brazil team did not has any scores yet. The Brazilian fans/supporters must be very sad and depressed, on the other side, the German fans/supporters must be happy and excited!!! What a big contradiction!!!!

No doubt, the Germany team phas been played very well in the match but the Brazilian team did not as the footballers were having lack of motivation. It may be due to the team has lost the 2 strong players in the first place. However, the Brazilian team stills has the chance to fight for the third place, even they have been defeated by the Germany team.

The last whistle blew, the match ended in the full time and the score is 7 - 1, Germany team has 7 and 1 for the Brazilian team. Thus, a nightmare for the Brazilians on 9/7/2014.

Finally, the Germany team has entered into the finals successfully with the beautiful score. Next, they would be fight for the trophy or champion. Which team they will play against in the finals?! Well, I have a feeling that Germany team would be versus the Orange team!!! Anyway, whichever team the Germany would play with, I wish the Germany team would win the champion of the World Cup and I am giving my fullest support to them. I guess all the fans of the Germany team would be do so. Once again, congrats to the Germany team to enter into finals!!! :)

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