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Monday, July 14, 2014

Yes! Germany Team is the Champion!

Hooray! My favourite football team, Germany team has won the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 on 13th July 2014. I was so happy for it as the Germany team is always one of my favourite football team since I started to watch the FIFA World Cup in year 1998.
As a big fan of the Germany team, I had to get up from my bed at 2:50am on the 14th July to catch the live show of the final match from my country due to the different time zones. This was the only live match show I have watched in this world cup as I was watching the repeat for the earlier matches! :P
Both the Germany and Argentina teams had been playing a good match, especially the Germany team. The team playing of the Germany was very good. Personally I think that the Italian referee was a bit bias to the Argentina team. During the match, I saw that the Argentina footballers were pulling, or pushing or tripping the Germany footballers, he was just kept quiet and "did not" see it. Otherwise, he only let the Germany team to have the free kick instead of the penalty kick. However, on other hand, when the German footballers were just accidentally pulling or tripping the Argentina, he was quickly shown the Yellow card. Actually the Argentina footballers were playing very rough/harsh towards the Germany team, except, Messi.
Anyway, the match was quite excited sometimes as we would not know which team would be scoring. I was happy when the Argentina footballer has scored a ball and did not count at the 30th minute, otherwise, I would have been feeling sad! Hehe! Full time match, still nil for the 2 teams and required to play for the extra time, 30 minutes additional. Frankly speaking I was thinking that it would have to be penalty shoot for the match. However, in the 113th minute, the no.19 Germany footballer who was the substitute of no.10 Klose, has kicked in a ball and the result was 1 - 0. Gosh, I was so happy and Germany has won! The hero was no.19 Mario Gotze who is only age 22.  When the last whistle blew, Germany team has won the champion, and it is the 4th title for them after 24 years.

Moreover, the goalkeeper of the Germany team, Manuel Neuer has won the Golden Glove Award and L. Messi has of the Argentina team has won the Golden Ball Award. Congrats to both of them. :)

Anyway, I would like to congrats to the Germany team and I bet all the fans of the Germany would also feel happy as I am. Thus, I would see again in the next World Cup, which is the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018. I wish Germany football team would keep up its good work and would be the next champion again.
Once again, congratulations to the Germany team!!! :)

Messi, Neuer heralded as Brazil 2014’s best

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