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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Beautiful Romanian & Norwegian Postcards!!

Romanian Postcard
I have received some beautiful postcards from Europe in last week. One of them is a surprised Romanian postcard, and another is sent from Norway. The postcard shown above is from Romania, it is sent by Danny.

The postcard shows the view of a big musuem outside the city, an old architecture and very traditional. It is called Astra Museum - Sibiu. It is a beautiful postcard and I like it.

Norway Postcard

The second postcard is from Norway. I exchanged postcard with Sunneva. Thus, she has sent me this lovely postcard. It is card showing snowing and it makes me to feel "cool" since the weather in my country is very hot now. Haha!!! :) Moreover,Sunneva has taught me some simple Norwegian words in the postcard. 

Anyway, I would like to thank both Danny and Sunneva for the beautiful postcards as I like both the cards. Once again, thank you!!! :)

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