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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

OMG! A Dutch Surprise!!! :P

OMG! My Dutch pen-pal, Angela has given me surprised again. Besides the letter she written to me, she also has sent me some lovely cards and her photo! When I was opening her mail, I was like opening a gift instead. Moreover, the stamps that she posted to me are beautiful too.

Thus I am very grateful to Angela for all the lovely gifts. :) I guess I am very lucky to have meet such a good pen-pal, not that I mean the gifts. What I meant is that I am glad to have a nice friend from a different country that we can exchange letters and sometimes little gifts to shine or cheer up life of each other!!! I guess it is a good sign!!! :)

Anyway, in this letter, I like the most is the photo. In the photo she has dressed in the Dutch traditional costumes with her family and I like it very much. If I got the chance to visit the Netherlands next time, I would like to dress up like them for a picture too.! :P

Thus, I would like to thank Angela for all the lovely gifts and letter and I will reply to her soon. Once again, thank you!!! :)

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