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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

FIFA World Cup Brazil Yr.2014 --- Counting down!!!

Go Go Goal! One more day to go!!! The 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup is coming! In the next few weeks, the whole world will be crazy about the football!!! :)
This game is held once every 4 years, all the football fans are looking forward to it! This year, the World Cup is held in Brazil, the country that has won the most times of the title of the world cup. I bet all the fans would be excited about it!
Well, for me, my favourite teams are Germany and England and I wish one of these teams would be the champion of this year!!! :))) I am always support these 2 teams!!!
Anyway, for all the football fans out there, be patient, just one more day, we could watch all the excited matches for the coming weeks!!!
Go Go Go!!! :)

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