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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Family Dinner Gathering

Last Saturday, 14th June was the day for my Loh family gathering dinner, it could also be the pre-celebration of the Father's Day and the farewell party to my uncle who was returning to Melbourne, Australia.

On that day, I had managed to meet my uncles, aunties, cousins,nephews and nieces whom I did not meet for long time. It was even my first meeting for some of my cousins' husband or fiances. :p Anyway, on that dinner, I only realised that I have became the aunt of 15 nephews and nieces. Wow! Can you imagine that?! Haha!!!

Anyway, during that dinner, we took many pictures and some of us even did selfie. We had taken a whole family group photo, but it was not all the members of my Loh family due to some of my cousins, uncle and aunt were absent for the dinner. If all of us were there for the photo, I think it would be a wonderful picture. :) The picture above is our group photo! Isn't nice?!

Most of us were enjoying the dinner as the adults were drinking wine and the ones under the aged 21 were drinking soft drinks. There was a a little joke jas happened, that was my cousin sister-in-law had got drunk with the liquor as she tried to bottoms up with my uncles and her sister in-law. She is the person who could not drink Liquor but she was newly married to my cousin brother few months back from Vietnam. So, this was her first time to meet all the family members/relatives.

When she got drunk, I saw she was suffering as she was crying. This reminded me that I almost got drunk with the white wine during my Italy trip in few years back. I got so high after drinking the wine and luckily I managed to vomitted out after I returned to my hotel room and fall asleep. I recalled that i was having giddiness and luckily I did not have any headache on the next day after I got up from bed. Hehe! :p Since then, I stopped drinking any liquor/alcohol drinks as I would get rashes too after drinking it!

Lastly, I want to say that I was having a wonderful dinner at that day and I wish that all my relatives would stay in good health and happy always!!! :)

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