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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Postcards from Finland

Easter Day is coming. I have received 2 Easter postcards from Finland 2 days ago. They are from Eero and Marja. Both the postcards are cute and lovely. One of them is my favourite too, Snoopy postcard.
Marja's card
Marja writes a phrase on the postcard which I like very much. It is "People have two ears and only one mouth. So he should listen more than talk." I am very agree with such statement.
Eero's card
Another postcard is sent from Eero. She writes in the card that she lives at Jamsa, which is a place in the middle of Finland. This is a Snoopy Easter postcard and I like it very much.
Anyway, I would like to thank both Marja and Eero for their lovely cards. Both of their cards are on my favourite list. Thus I would like to thank both of them. Thank you! I am wishing them to have a happy Easter weekend! :)

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