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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Poor Little William!

It has been big news for the country for the missing child, Little William whom aged 6 only for more than a week. Since the child has missing, besides the policemen, many companies and societies were helping to find for this missing kid by various channels, e.g. spreading the news on FB, distributing the leaflets and even advertising on the websites of some of the banks. Overall, most of the people were very concerned about this missing child.

The mother of the missing child even apologised to the public for her carelessness for causing the child missing. Some people were scolding the parents of little William for their carelessness and some felt pity for them. Overall, this has made big news in the country.

However, about 2 days ago, there was news on this missing child, little William. It was sad news instead. The decomposed body of a child had found in the river of Port Klang, and the parents of the little William had gone to check on this body. The result was 75% shown it was the missing child, little William. But it still had to wait for the post-mortem result for the confirmation. According to the news, when the body was found, the eyes were missing. It was really sad to hear such bad and sad news.

It is wondering now if this poor little William being kidnapped and killed, or was he accidentally fall into the river?! No matter what had happened to this poor little child, he had gone already and may he would RIP. May his family would stay strong! Anyway, this case could be used as a reference for all the parents as DO NOT LEAVE your children behind and ALWAYS STAY TOGETHER with your children with you wherever you go with your children. God Bless!!!

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