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Thursday, January 24, 2013

My first card from Bhutan!!!

Wow! It is my first postcard from Bhutan. Bhutan, is rated as one of the happiest country of the world. I am very glad to receive the Bhutan postcard from Tashi on 22/1/2013.
The postcard shows the view of its capital, Thimphu. According to Tashi, the building in the card houses are the houses of some ministries and also of the King. Tashi is a government staff, thus her office is also next to it but it did not show in the card! Haha! :P
Tashi writes that it is winter time in Bhutan now and it has very cold mornings and nights. She hopes that I like this card. Well, I would like to tell Tashi that I LOVE this card as it is very beautiful. It is definitely one of my top list for the favourite postcards. Moreover, I wish that I would be able to travel to Bhutan someday to see this happy country! Tashi, thank you very much for your beautiful postcard!!! :)

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