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Monday, August 6, 2012

Well done Dato' Lee Chong Wei! Malaysians are still proud of you!

After watching the finals match of the Men's Singles Badminton in last night, China v Malaysia. I think all the Malaysians would feel sad, due to the Malaysia hero had defeated by China player, Lin Dan.

However, Malaysia still won for the Silver medal in the Singles Man Badminton in the London Olympics 2012 and I think it was a very great match for the both players as both of them were playing very well, especially our Dato Lee Chong Wei. We could see that he had a huge chnages as compared to 4 years ago in the last Olympics at Beijing in Yr. 2008. The score was so close yet so far ... 21:19 for last match ... Lin Dan won !!! Sigh ... But frankly speaking .... Dato LCW had done very very well this time ... So close ... So so so close :( I think he only lacked a little of luck for the last 2 points. :(

Although Dato LCW had lost the Gold medal, I still very PROUD of him. I bet all the Malaysian are very proud of his achievement to be on the podium representing Malaysia :) Well Done DLCW :)

DLCW, don't feel sorry and sad! We are still very proud for you and giving you the fullest support always!!! With your efforts,  silver or gold, have ensured a medal for Malaysia at the London 2012 Olympics, and have given us all our most memorable sporting highlight of the year.
Lastly, Congratulations Datuk Lee Chong Wei. You have done your country, your fans, and the world, absolutely proud!!! Cheers for you!!!

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