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Sunday, August 19, 2012

GCB & GBB??!

Wow! The GCB of McD is back! Hooray! It is my favourite! J
I called for the delivery for 2 sets of GCB last night for my niece and myself. Wow, it really tasted delicious, juicy meat! Yummy, yummy!!! Then my niece had threw out a question as she said why did not available for GBB, i.e. Grilled Beef Burger as my niece likes beef too. Thus, we started to think of the GBB, would it be as delicious as the GCB if there really was GBB?! Haha! We have a wish, that McD would available for the GBB in future!!! :P
So, what do you think of the GBB? Have you tasted the GBB before? If yes, where did you have your GBB? You may drop me a line for your reply!

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