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Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Chest follow-up

I went to the UMMC for my chest follow-up yesterday. According to the chest specialist, the result of the bronchoscopy that I done on 19/6/2012 shows that there are still some bacteria in my lungs. As compared to my earlier bronchoscopy on mid February (during my hospitalisation), there were no bacteria found in my lungs at that time.

The Chest specialist also checked my chest X-ray and it shows okay. Thus, the doctor wanted me to continue my antibiotic medicines and he also prescribed a new type of medicine for my treatment. He advised me that I am required to do the bronchoscopy again in few months later in order to check on my condition due to I could not provide the phlegm for the test. My next follow-up would be 4 weeks later. I wish that the bacteria would go soon, otherwise I would be suffering! L

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