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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The First Diving Medal for Malaysia in the Olympic Game

Another great news for the Malaysia. The Sarawakian Pandelela Rinong becomes Malaysia's first ever woman's medalist, and first ever Olympic winner outside of badminton, when she won the Women's 10m Platform event on 10/8/2012.

Malaysia is now having a Silver and Bronze medals in the London Olympics 2012. No matter how, it is a good result for us. Of course, we could looking forward to a better result in the next Olympics.

I would like to say Congratulations Pandelela. She did Malaysia proud.  Let's continue to give support to her! :)

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  1. Very very sad to say malaysian still do not appreciated the first ever medal which not that easy to win came from THE GREAT M.VASUGI IN TEAK WON DO Seoul Korea 1988 and many medal Gold & Silver World Championship,sea games Fifst times our flag lift up in Olympics in Korea no matter how it is She our first hero too