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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Twilight Series

Finally I have finished reading the “Twilight” series novels (4 books). I borrowed the series of novel from my friends and I have spent few weeks to finish them. Guess what?! I started to read with the last series, “The Breaking Dawn”.  The reason is I was eager to know the ending since I have watched the “Twilight” movies. The finale would be shown in November 2012.

Anyway, after reading the series novel, I have clearer story of “Twilight”. This is due to some scenes have missed or did not show detailed in the movies. From reading the books, I have better understandings.

Like I said, I started to read with the last book, “Breaking Dawn”, and then only I started to read from the beginning of the series.  From “Twilight”, “New Moon” and “Eclipse”. I am happy with the ending as I bet all the fans of “Twilight” series are having the same though as I am! J

Thus, I am looking forward to the movie “Breaking Dawn: Part 2” in this November. I would like to recommend the “Twilight” series (both novels and movies) to the people who are yet to read and/or watch it. For me, it is an interesting story and I am enjoying it very much. I hope you all would like it too! Enjoy reading/watching “Twilight” series!!!

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