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Monday, April 9, 2012

The story Behind the Beds – 2 Best Friends

During my hospitalisation, I saw many types of people (patients) in the hospital and all of them have different experiences/stories behind. Now I would like to share some of the incidents/stories that I encountered with some patients.
There was an aged 38-year-old Malay lady patient admitted into the hospital and she was next to my bed. She is a lung cancer patient. She is the lecturer of the UH Lab and can be said as a high management staff. She was admitted due to she was having mild stroke and fainted, she was having her chemo at home too. Due to she was having mild stroke and fainted at home, she was admitted. Her leg was hardly moving because of her mild stroke. Thus, she had to lie on the bed all the time.
When this patient was next to me on the first day, I saw her suffered so much. Luckily there was another lady to accompany and taking care of her very much. This lady is her best friend and also housemate. According to her, they have become friends for many years. She is a bank officer and she took leaves from her work to take care of the patient, who is her best friend and housemate.
This cancer patient was staying at the hospital for about a week and during those days, I could see that her best friend was really treated the patient very well. She was really taken care of her very, very much. Eg. When she was leaving the patient for a moment, like going back to house for wash-up or went for buying medicines, she would ask my favour to keep an eye of her friend (the patient). The reason was the patient could not walk and in case she needed help, I could call the nurse for her. Then she was always rushing back to the ward. She tried to take the shortest time for her own business. Moreover, she also washed the body for her friend and helped her for the toilet. At night, she did not return home and stayed in the hospital to accompany her best friend. The reason was that she wanted to take care of her best friend by herself and did not want to depend too much on the nurses.
This cancer patient was having the chemo-therapy at the ward. I noticed that she had lost her hair in 3 days. When I saw her on the first day, she was in short hair. Then few days later, her hair had lost, and when she discharged, she was wearing a hat to cover her hair loss. I heard her doctor advised her to stay at home due to she is weak for her body, the doctor also advised her to stay from the crowded areas.
On the day she was discharged, I told her to take care and I wish she could recover soon. She looked better when she left the hospital and I saw that her best friend was happier that at least she could take care of her at home instead at the hospital. I really am touched with such true friendship and both of them are really close friends and treated each other well. I wish they would be friends forever and it is not easy to find a true best friend!!!    

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