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Monday, April 2, 2012

My first 50 Postcards!!!

Hooray! I have achieved my goal. In my previous post, I made a goal that I would like to have exchanged 50 postcards with the overseas postcrossers by end of June 2012. Now I have made it by first quarter of year 2012.  I am able to achieve it earlier. Guess what?! I have received 56 postcards from many different countries by end of March.

The postcards that I received are from France, Canada, USA, Finland, Hungary, Brazil, New Zealand, North Ireland, China, Malta, Japan, Korea, Scotland, Spain and many more. Some of them have become my favourites and they are shown in below.

I received the postcards of China panda, Eiffel Tower, NY Statue of Liberty and the Hungary country map. I also received the postcard of the world's tallest building at Dubai. Moreover, i also received some animation postcards which I like too.

So, I would like to have another 50 more postcards by year end now. Hopefully I could receive those postcards soon. Well, if you are interested to exchange postcard with me, you are welcome to do so. You may also join the website of “Postcrossing” to join the fun as I do. You may click here to enter the fun!!! :P

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