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Friday, April 13, 2012

My Lovely Twin Nieces

My cousin sister and her whole family had came to visit me in about 2 weeks ago. I could see my cute twin nieces again. I think I have not meet them for months. Wow, the first sight for me to my twin nieces,  I was like " OH my God! They have grown up a lot!"

I remember the last time I met them was the time they yet to speak, but now they could call the people and they are very adorable. I could not help but to take their lovely photographs. According to their mother (my cousin sister), these twins would fight among themselves always and are very naughty kids like little "evils" ! I think it is the fun for them! Haha! 

Thus, I would like to wish my these 2 nieces to have stay in good health and happy always!!! Cheers!!!


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