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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Surprised Lovely Postcard from Germany!

I have received a surprised lovely postcard from Corinna, Germany, in last week. The postcard is with the multiple views of the German city called Sonneberg. The most amazed me with the postcard is that it was signed by many different postcrossers at the back of the postcard as stated below.

The reason is that Corinna has participated in a Postcrossing Meetup in Nuremberg, a German city. I guess she was asking the favour of the Postcrossers to sign on the postcard and then mailed it to me. From the postcard, i could see the names of Nina, Thomas, Elva, Ewa, etc.. I was surprised to receive it as I like it very much. 

I am also wish that there would be a Postcrossing Meetup in my city so that I could do the same and mail the postcard to all my Postcrossers from the worldwide. 

Anyway, I would like to thank Corinna for the lovely postcard and i would reply to her soon. Once again, Thank you, my friend! :)

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