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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Suprised Postcards from Around the World

Antonia, Germany
Ciao! Today I would like to post about the postcards that I have received in the months of 2nd half of the January and the February. The first card (as above) is an Egyptian view but it is sent from, Germany, Antonia. She is age 46 and is a mother of 3 children. Antonia is a teacher and likes reading and travelling, which are similar to me! :) Besides the postcard, Antonia also pasted some beautiful stamps on the postcard which I like them very much.

Nikita, Russia

The 2nd postcard is sent from Nikita, Russia. It is the view of Lotus Pond in Umi-jigoku or The Sea Hell of Japan. Haha, another postcard which is not shown the origin country of the sender! :P Anyway, Nikita said that she has been studying in Japan in the summer of year 2014. The Sea Hell is located in the town of Beppu which was the place she was studying. Anyway, I wish to inform that Nikita I like such postcard very much, which is it is lovely. Thus, Arigato Gozaimazu to Nikita-san! :)
Bojan, Croatia
The 3rd postcard is also one of my favourite postcards and it is the view of the snowflakes. Guess what?! This postcard is sent by the celebrity of the Croatia, Bojan Jambrosic. He is the "Croatian Idol" champion in 5 years ago and then his life has changed as written in his postcard. Bojan is 29 years old. Well, i really would appreciate this postcard as snowflakes is my favourite and this is also my first postcard which is written by the celebrity to me! Anyway, I would like to wish Bojan all the best in his singing career! :)


Stanislav, Czeck Republic
Stanislav from the Czech Republic has sent me a lovely postcard to me (as above). I like it as it is very cute with the mini snowman! :) Haha!

Jo-Anne, Australia
Jo from the Down Under has sent me the Woody Point, Queensland sun-set view postcard. Jo written me a new year greetings in her postcard. It is a a beautiful view postcard. Too bad I did not travel to Queensland before although I have travelled to Australia.  
Ingrid, UK
Ingrid is an Estonian who works as a nanny in UK. She has sent me the postcard of the animation "Pinocchio". I enjoy the card too. She has taught me some of the simple greetings Estonian words as written on the card. Thank Ingrid! :)

Andrea, Australia
Andrea from Tasmania, Down Under has sent me the postcard of the Golden Goat 2015. Actually, I have exchanged the Chinese New Year card with her in last year. However, this year I did not post Andrea a CNY card due to I was too busy with my family matters before the CNY. I hope Andrea would not mad with me for did not send her a festive card in this year! Sorry Andrea! Anyway, I would like to thank Andrea for the lovely Golden Goat postcard. :)

Dominique, France

Bonjour! Dominique of France has given me a surprised. The postcard shows a castle in Brittany, in the west of France. She likes the region as she always have her holidays there. Dominique is a retired librarian with 4 children and 2 grandsons. The hobbies of Dominique are reading, stitching and writing postcards. Well, I will reply to Dominique soon! BTW, thanks for the lovely postcard. :)

Tracy, Australia

Another postcard from Australia, Tracy has received. Tracy has sent me a postcard with the view of Uralla. According TracY, Uralla is a small country town and it is very quiet. It is surrounded by sheep farms and gets very cold in winter. There are snowing sometimes but not every tear. The postcard shows Deeargee Woolshed and Gostwyck Chapel. This is a Magnificent 27 stand woolshed built in 1872 and is named after the initials on the wool bales - DRG. It is not open for public inspection as it is still in use today. The Memorial Chapel was build in 1921 and is only open for services on the 1st Sunday if the month. Both Chapel and Woolshed are approx 10km east of Uralla along the Gostwyck Road. Besides the postcard, Tracy also sent me a set of sticker with cute doggies as shown as the picture above. Thus, I would like to thank Tracy very much for her letter, sticker and lovely postcard. I promise to reply her soon. Thanks for the mail again!
Once again, I would like to thank all the friends around the the world to surprise me with the lovely postcard and/or gifts. I am really appreciate them. Thus, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you!!! May God bless you all!!! :)


  1. Some very nice postcards. I was very happy to send you one and I look forward to a surprise one in my letterbox from you.
    Take care, Tracy.

  2. I love the Pinocchio card :D