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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Family Clan Reunion Dinner!

Hi there! It is the weekend again. In last weekend, I was enjoying a family clan reunion dinner cum birthday celebration feast in an old famous Chinese restaurant called Sek Yuen Restaurant.

There were about 35 of us and of course that was not the total number of people for my family clan. We are more than that! :P Anyway, we were enjoying the meal very much. There were 4 round tables of us for the meal.

There were 6 dishes for the meal, which including, steamed fish, chicken, roasted duck, chinese sausage rice, vegetable (cooked broccolis), prawns, meat, and 3 different types of flavours of home-baked cake. You may see from the pictures below :-

3 different types of birthday cakes

The birthday guys and gals!

There were 4 birthday parties in this celebration. They are my youngest uncle, 2 aunts and my second nephew, as shown as the picture above. All of them are having the same birthdate, which is 23rd of April. Yes, it was an early birthday celebration.

The 3 different types of flavours of cakes were baked by the girl-friend of my birthday nephew. Doesn't she is amazing?!

Anyway, it was an enjoyable feast for the night as I managed to meet my relatives. I hope we would have a reunion of the family clan as that we would meet each other often!

Enjoy your day!!! :)

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