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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The European Mails!

I have received 2 European mails on mid of March and beginning of April respectively. They are from the Netherlands and Portugal. Both of the mails are from my favourite pen-pals.
The Dutch mail is from Angela. She has given me surprised again! :P Besides the letter, she also has sent me some lovely gifts, e.g. Dutch postcard with the picture of Dutch clogs and windmills, tea bags, soft stickers, and some wooden gifts. I would like to thank Angela for the mail very much.

In the letter, Angela has written that her son would be finished his primary school and she is busy looking for a new school for him and his son is excited to go to the high school too. Besides, looking for new school, Angela and her family would go for holidays too. Well, I hope they would enjoy their holidays!

Dutch Mail -- from Angela

Lovely Letter & Gifts from Angela

The second mail is from Edith, the Portugal. She has sent me a registered mail. Edith is a person who likes the Asian culture very much. She is attending the classes of Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. Guess what?! Her boyfriend is a Chinese too. J  According to Edith, she is enjoying the both classes very much and has received good results. But she prefers Mandarin Chinese than the Japanese. I am glad to hear that! J By the way, she is a university student who studies as a veterinary doctor.

Sometimes I wrote to her about our Chinese culture and she is very interested to know about it. Edith would visit my blog regularly as she mentioned as she would like to know what I have been blogging about! Hehe! :P Thanks for visit my blog, Edith! J

In the letter of Edith, she has written that she would go to holidays at Amsterdam, London Berlin and Venice with her friends for a week in the beginning of April. Well, I wish she would have enjoyed her holidays. Well, the places that she would visit are the places that I was looking forward to visit too except, Venice that I have visited before.
The Portuguese Mail from Edith

Anyway, I would like to thank both Angela and Edith for their wonderful mails as I yet to reply to them. However, I promise to write back to them soon as both of them have exchanged letters with me for more than 1 year now as both of them are in my favourite pen-pal list. :D

OK, I think it is the time for me to reply to them now. May God bless you all!!! :)


  1. I'm sooooo happy my letters arrive safe :)

    Thanks for being my pen-pal :D!!!
    I need to send you some presents :)

  2. Hi! I'm looking forward to receive your mail! 😊