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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Go for Your Vote on GE Day 5.5.2013

When is the Election Day? Which party are you going to vote? Huh? Who? Why? I think all those questions have been around us in the past few weeks until yesterday. The GE13 is on 5 May 2013, Sunday.
Then now we will around the topics on whom are you going to vote? The person or the party? Which party is good to us? Would there really is a change or otherwise? All the parties are busy around the areas.
So, as all of us have known that the General Election is fall on 5.5.13, Sunday. I believe most of the Malaysian citizens (of course the eligible ones) would go for the voting on this date. I want to advice that makes sure you vote from your heart and believe that such party would good for your future or I should say our future.
Since we have different parties in our country, e.g. BN, MCA, UMNO, MIC, DAP, PKR, PAS, etc., there are different supporters for each party too. I believe all the supporters are support very much to their respective parties in these days until the day of election.
Lastly, I wish to remind all the people who would go for voting, kindly give your vote from your heart, to make sure that Malaysia will become a better, brighter, harmony country in future, for us and for all!!! Happy Voting!!!

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