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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hospitalisation for 3 Weeks

Gosh, I have been staying in the UMMC ward for 3 weeks already. The reason is I have the rheumothorax re-occured. :( Again I have to go through all the suffers again, putting the chest-tube into my lung to let the air out, encounter the chest pain and shortness of breath.
Luckily the doctors and nurses here are very friendly. Some of the nurses even could recall my name by seeing me. Thus, I was telling me family that I am here for my "vacation"again! This is just to cheer myself up as not to feel down for it.
I have been many times of chest x-rays and CT scan this time. I knew there would be radiation for the side effects, but no choice I have to go for it in order to check on my condition. I really wish that I would recover soon and go back home as I miss my home!!! So, I am praying to God that I would have a speed recovery and may God bless you all!!!

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