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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Snoopy Postcard

I received a Snoopy postcard from Taiwan yesterday and I was very happy for it. It is a very lovely postcard and I like it. I like Snoopy since my college days. For me, Snoopy is a very cute character and I like that he is in white body and called 史努皮(shinupi) in Chinese.

I even have some collection of the Snoopy, e.g. Calendars, pencils, mugs, bags (from small to medium sizes). I used to carry it to my work and I was using the pictures of Snoopy as the wallpapers of my computers at office and home. I also put the Snoopy calendar in my workplace. I remember one of my male colleagues saw me using the Snoopy bag, and using the Snoopy wallpaper, and even with the Snoopy calendar, he used to give me the nickname “Snoopy”. Thus, he didn’t call me by my name but “Snoopy” since then, haha! :P

I still like Snoopy nowadays as I always surf net about Snoopy pictures and I try to draw it too. But I am not good in art; therefore it does not really look like Snoopy! L Anyway, I am glad to receive a Snoopy postcard and I hope I would have more collection of Snoopy!

How about you?! Are you a Snoopy fan?! :D


  1. I sure am. I have been pinning pictures on pinterest. July 26,2012