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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Double Celebrations During Weekend

How was your last weekend and how was your Mother’s Day celebration?!

I was having double celebrations during my last weekend. I was celebrating the Mother’s Day with my mother on Saturday evening and then attending my niece’s 12th birthday party on Sunday.

On the Saturday evening, my mother and I went to dine at the Sushi King for our dinner. I paid for the meal of course as it was the Mother’s Day celebration. We ordered some dishes and we ate very full as we ordered chicken, eel and sushi.

On the next day, it was the Mother’s Day, so I given a Mother’s Day card to my dearest mum. By 12pm, I attended my niece’s 12th birthday party at the Little Pantry, IOI Mall. My mother also went along with me. We had buffet lunch there and the food was tasted good.

My niece was happy on that day as she had invited her friends for her birthday party and I also became the game organiser of her party. I was the photographer for the party too. I took their pictures and the video of the party. Thus, I was exhausted after the party. :P

Anyway, it was still happy for me as it was a celebration for my family. So, those were my double celebrations, i.e. Mother’s Day celebration and Birthday celebration during my weekend. :D

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