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Monday, May 28, 2012

Do Not Give Up your Live Easily!

There was some sad news reported in last week. Two university male students had committed suicide. I felt kind of upset for those guys as why did they give up their lives so easily since they were in the young age?!

One of the parents of the victims admitted that he had lack of communication with his son and therefore he advised the parents to spend more time to their children. Frankly speaking, I am absolutely agreed that communication is very vital in the family. Parents should communicate more to their kid(s) as not only concentrate on making moneys.

With the communication, the parents are able to understand their children more as they would able to know what was happening around the children, e.g. School life, friends, or studies. I remember that when I was in school days, I told my mother about the happenings around me in my school everyday and eventually she able to know some of my friends. Then when I started to work, I also told my mother about my work everyday once I was home, as what I had done or eat for the lunch for the day, or telling her about my colleagues. You may think I acted childish as “reporting” to my mother about my daily life, but I think it is fun as also a type of communication with my parents.

With the communication, my mother understands me and she knows my feelings. Thus I said communication is really very important. I feel angry for the people to give up their lives easily. Some people are struggle very hard to live on, e.g. the sick people or the poor people. Some people also facing or suffering from their lives, but they keep on living with the difficult life and never give up. Thus, for those who easily give up their live are very stupid I think. (Sorry for using such word but I really could not think of other word to describe). I think death could not solve the problem as you had to face it and then only find the solution.

Thus, it is advisable for the people out there, please do NOT act stupid or foolish as DO NOT give up your live so easily. Do remember, there is no Take 2 for your live!!!

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