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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Postcard from UAE

I received my first postcard from the UAE about 2 months ago. It is the postcard of the tallest building of the world, Burj Khalifa of Dubai. This building holds few world records:

·         Tallest building in the world

·         Tallest free-standing structure

·         Highest number of storeys

·         Highest occupied floor

·         Highest outdoor observation deck

·         Elevator with the longest travel distance and

·         Tallest service elevator in the world

Burj Khalifa is also where the Hollywood star, Tom Cruise shot most of his scenes on the movie “Mission Impossible 4 : The Ghost Protocol”.

I like this postcard very much and I like to thank to my exchange post crosser. I wish one day that I could see this real tallest building in front of my eyes and not through postcard. 

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