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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Donate RM10 to Help WWF-Malaysia Saves Turtle Eggs

What do you think you can do with RM10? A meal? The reload of your mobile? Have you thought of RM10 could help the WWF-Malaysia to save the turtle eggs?!

Since the Earth Hour 2012 is approaching on 31/3/2012, it is to encourage you to donate just RM10 to help rescue turtle eggs from being sold in markets.

Why do you need to contribute RM10?!

·         Every donation of RM10 can help save 5 turtle eggs

·         Marine turtles are endangered because of habitat loss due to unsustainable development as well as the sale and consumption of their eggs

·         Marine turtles play a key role in maintaining healthy coral reefs and sea grass beds. Green turtles are largely herbivorous, and their constant grazing on sea grasses increase the healthiness and growth rate of sea grass beds

·         Scientists believe that hawksbill turtles may maintain the health of coral reef systems by grazing on sponges, which if left to grow unchecked will outgrow the corals, cover them up and kill the reef

·         Leatherback turtles are the top predators of oceanic jellyfish, which in turn eat larval fish. As the number of leatherbacks in the ocean decrease, jellyfish numbers may increase locally and eat more larval fish, leaving fewer fish to grow. A wide variety of marine ecosystems are dependent on these fish, and even commercial fisheries may end up suffering from this cascading effect

·         By conserving our marine turtles, and therefore our healthy marine ecosystems, you can help to protect our livelihoods, food and water supply; ultimately securing our good quality of life and our children's bright future

So donate your share of kindness today to WWF-Malaysia. For more info, visit www.wwf.org.my.

 Thank you for your contribution! J

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