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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Chest Follow-up

I returned to the UMMC for my chest follow-up on Monday morning since I discharged a month ago. Luckily I did not need to wait for long queue. I managed to see my Chest doctor by 9:30am. According to the doctor, my condition is OK as I do not have any more coughing and thus I have to continue with my medicines everyday. I still have to take 3 types of antibiotics for my treatment for at least a year and to have my follow-up in every 3 months time. My next follow-up would be in June.
Well, I wish that with the medicines I am taking, I would be able to recover soon. Here I would like to apologise to my friends that I would not be able to go to the public area for this period of time as I need to take good care and watch out my health carefully. The reason to stay out from the crowded area is to prevent any infection from others on me. So, I could not have any meet-up with you all at outside! :P
Anyway, since I am staying at home most of the time nowadays, I do many readings and also exchanging postcards or letters with my foreign friends. So I would not waste my time easily and feel bored to stay at home. If you have come across any interesting book, you may recommend to me! :D

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  1. May you recover soon!

    Yes, don't go to crowded places to avoid re-infection as your lungs are weak now.