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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What Happened to Our Postal Service?!

I have sent a postcard to Russia on 28/2/2012 at a mini post office which is nearby my house. However, I have received such postcard yesterday, 6/3/2012. At first I thought the postcard had returned to me due to I have written the wrong address. FYI, I have written my returned address on the postcard. Then I noticed that actually it was not due to I have written the wrong address for my postcard, in fact the postcard has been sent to my home address instead of to Russia.

My postcard has been stamped by the post office dated 2/5/2012 and then delivered to my home address. Gosh, I am wondering what kind of postal service we have! Isn’t it a joke of the postal service?! Couldn’t the Post office staff differentiate the addresses of the sender and receiver?!  FYI, I was using a different colour pen to write the receiver’s address on the postcard, whereas my returned home address was written at the bottom left of the postcard. I even written “TO, MS.XXX” (the name of the receiver) on the first line and followed by the receiver’s address on the next few lines.  

Since my postcard had been stamped, I could only send the postcard to Russia enclosed with an envelope. I put my postcard into the envelope and have sent again. Of course it had cost me more for the postage this time! I wish that this time my postcard is able to reach my Russian friend, and would not be returned to me again.

I think if the Post Service staff were more responsible or careful with their work, such silly matter would not be happened. I think it is kind of wasting my time for rewrite the envelope and going to the post office again. Perhaps I am the “lucky” person to encounter such incident?! Then I should go for 4D! :P

So, have you encountered any problems/troubles by the Postal Service?! If yes, you are welcome to share your story with me! :D

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