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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Please Give Your Support by Buying the Mooncakes from Ms. Yvonne Foong

I have been following the blog of Yvonne Foong for sometime. She is a person whom diagnosed with NF2. By reading her blog, it is known that Yvonne is a very strong and independent person. She has taken few times of surgeries for her illness.
She has written a book about herself and I also have read it. Now she is planning to have her second book. The reason for her to publish her book is for her fund raising for her illness. Now, she needs to raise her fund again for her US trip in this October for her follow-up on her illness. This time she is selling mooncakes to raise about RM8,000 to RM11,000 for her trip.
The Mid Autumn Festival is fall on the 12/9/2011. If you would like to give some support to Yvonne, you may buy the mooncakes from her as she has various sets of mooncakes to choose from. You are required to provide her your name, number of sets, mailing address and contact number via email if you would like to place the order from her.
Well, attached herewith the link for you from Yvonne on her sets of mooncakes available. Please click into “Mooncakes for Health”.
Lastly, I would like to thank you for giving support to Yvonne. Thank you for your kindness!!! J

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