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Monday, July 11, 2011


It is a new week ahead. So, how was your weekend and what did u do during you last weekend?!
On last Saturday, (9th of July), my family and I have paid a visit to my uncle’s home as he invited us to have a family gathering there. Actually it has been sometime that I did not meet my uncle and his family since the Chinese New Year. So, it has been few months already. We drove to his house at around 12pm and luckily the there was no traffic congestion as we were not using the roads of KL.
When we reached my uncle’s house, he was busy preparing the meals for the evening. I met my aunties, cousins and grandma too. After that, my uncle took us to the Empire Shopping Gallery f Subang Jaya for our lunch. We dined at the Din Tai Fung, the Chinese restaurant for our meal. But I did not find the meal was delicious. Well, of course it is my own opinion.
After the meal, we were walking around the shopping mall and I found that there were many foreigners; mostly foreign students were shopping there. After done with the shopping, we headed back to my uncle’s house. In the evening, we were having dinner at my uncle’s house as he has cooked us a meal. Well, I can say that the meal was not bad; at least all of us were enjoying the meal. After that, we were gathered around to chat with each other. I also have borrowed some DVDs from my cousin.
We left my uncle’s house at around 8:30pm and again the traffic was smooth when we were on our way home. So, this was how I spent my 709. It was a peaceful day for me. How was your 709?! 


  1. Looking at the title, I thought you're going to blog about your experience in the Bersih Rally. Hahaha...

  2. Haha! Everyone has different experience for 709! :P