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Thursday, July 28, 2011

KTM Komuter Service

I have read the letters (the one that written by the readers that published on the newspaper) on the newspaper lately as it was pertaining the KTM Komuter service. All those letters were highlighting their feelings of unhappy with the service of the KTM Komuter. This reminds me of my old days when I was also used to take the KTM Komuter to college and work.
Well, I was taking the Komuter from Segambut station to the Kuala Lumpur station for my college and then workplace (after I started working). As per the letters, the train was always delayed and it was not being arrived as scheduled. For me, if the train had delayed by 5 minutes, it was considered as according to the scheduled for me at that time Thus, when I took the Komuter last time, I always spared the time to reach the station in 15 minutes before and after prior the schedule time.  This was due to the earlier train has delayed and I managed to catch it. 
Another nightmare for me was the train was packed like sardines during the peak hours, especially in the morning. As there were few stations are ahead of mine, the train was already in a huge crowd when it reached my station, and I have to no choice but to follow the passengers to push along into the train. As I am a small size person, I always stood nearby the door in the train, and sometimes my face was almost stuck to the glass of the door. This is not a joke; the crowd was really huge in the train as it was packed like sardines. Sometimes, it was like you would almost kiss the person that stood in front of you (stood in face to face). Well, if I was not lucky enough to get on the train due to too packed in the train, I had to wait for another train which it took me about 20 minutes to wait for it.
I think I have experienced those for about 5 years and now I already stopped taking KTM Komuter since I shifted to another area which does not have KTM Komuter service for years. I thought that the service has been improved since then but it seems not. Still as the old days. Thus, when I was reading those letters on the newspaper, I could understand their feelings. Firstly, the train is always delayed and the service has never been improved. Secondly, more passengers are taking Komuter train nowadays, and the KTM is not taking more trains and couches and it is a hassle for them. I can say that I am lucky that I do not need to face those nightmares anymore, but I am sincerely wish that the KTM would improve the service in order to let the passengers to have a happy and satisfaction ride.

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