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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Haze is Back! :(

Gosh, the weather is so bad lately! It is very hazy in the Klang Valleys and some other states of Malaysia. The haze season is upon us again, and I think it is very bad. The polluting haze is coming from forest fires in Indonesia and locally. The visibility is still good but there is this unmistakable burnt smell lingering in the air.
The skies choked with smog with the burning smell. I could smell it during these few days in my housing area. The burning smell was even stronger at the early morning and night time. Although the API (Air Pollutant Index) is rated as the moderate level throughout the country, I still think it is very unhealthy for the people.
When I read the news lately, it is shown that the visibility level is low, only about 4km for the distance. I think it is very risky for the people who are driving. Even our landmark of Kuala Lumpur, The Twin Towers has been covered by the haze and it could not be seen from far distance.
There is nothing much we can do except to drink lots of water and wait the haze to be out. For those who are weak in the respiratory system, like me, try to stay in the indoor as much as you can, otherwise, you would fall sick easily. So, I am just staying at home most of the time and drink much water. Let us pray that the haze will go away ASAP and return us a clear blue sky again!

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