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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

School-bully Cases

There are 2 cases of school bully reported on the newspapers lately. They even have the video-clips show in the Internet. These cases have become an issue to the public. I also have seen those video clips on FB.
I am feeling sorry for those students (for those who did the attacked and being attacked) in those video clips. This is due to I don’t think they knew that they are making a mistake at that time instead of having fun by themselves. Moreover, some of them even feel very proud to be on camera and by showing the funny/happy faces. Honestly speaking, I really don’t understand what are the teenagers are doing nowadays.
If I was the parent of those kids, I would be feeling ashamed. Why?! You have such an “incredicle”child that the whole Malaysia have known about what has happened. Actually, I am wondering are the parents of those teenagers known what are their children did at school, or home?! Are those parents just concentrating on earning monies and giving less caring to their children and eventually caused this incident happened?! Who should be blamed for those happenings?! The students?! Parents?! School teachers?! Can anyone tell me?!
As a conclusion, I just think that the school kids nowadays are different from my days. Actually my school days are not very much back though. I think the teenagers nowadays are more on the materialistic matters than their studies. If you don’t understand, you can see the teenagers around you. Check on their mobile phones, you would notice that they are carrying the mobile phones are much more high-tech than yours and they are also wearing the branded clothes.

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  1. Who is to be blamed? Parents!
    A poorly disciplined parent will produce poorly disciplined kids.