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Thursday, May 19, 2011

OMG, Rubbish Pork aka The Black-Hearted Pork!!!

There is some reporting for the news of black-hearted pork or “rubbish pork” on the newspaper lately.  I could not believe that it is happening in my country as I always thought that the black-hearted items could only be found in the overseas country.
When I read the news on the newspaper that those black-hearted pork or “rubbish pork” are used to make the dim sum siu mai, meat balls or the sausages, I feel like throwing up. This is due to I like to eat the meat balls and siu mai during my dim sum meal. After I read the reporting news, I think I would have to stop eating that food for the time being. You can say that maybe I am too concern on the issue, but I would not like to risk my life for eating those food.
I am also feeling bad for those people whom use the rubbish pork to make into sausages, meat balls and dim sum and sell to the people. Don’t they think about the life of people? I think those people are very selfish and “black-hearted” as they just see the DOLLAR SIGNS $$$ in their eyes instead of any consciences?! What if he/she or his/her own family have taken that food which made by the “rubbish pork” and affect their health, what would they think?! Well, if that was the case, I think it is a “pay-back” for them.
Well, I really wish that all these rubbish-pork or black-hearted pork would be solved ASAP as I want to enjoy my dim sum or meat balls as I used to be!

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  1. Yucks! That's scary! i don't think i'll eat pork from now onwards!