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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding

In less than 3 days, there will be a royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. It is a wedding that looking forward by millions of people around the world. The wedding is even would be aired on TV in live all over the world. I believe millions of people would watch this royal wedding.
Many people are happy to see such couple to have their wedding as Prince William is the future King of the England. However there are some people are sad too, especially the die-hard fans of Prince William as he would become the husband of Catherine Middleton. I think many people are very jealous of her.
Honestly speaking, I think Ms. Catherine Middleton is a really very lucky girl that she is a girl who is not from a royal family but from the middle-income group family and yet is able to meet Prince William and eventually marries to him and would be the future Queen of England. I think many, many girls are very jealous of this as it is a real life Cinderella story! No doubt, Ms. Kate Middleton is a very pretty lady as she has been voted as no. 3 of ‘The World’s Prettiest Princess’. She comes after the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly and Queen of Jordan, Rania Al Abdullah. Guess what, Kate Middleton is even has the higher votes than late Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, who is ranked as no.4.
For me, I think Prince William and Kate Middleton is a good match from their appearance. Thus, same as others, I am looking forward to catch this Royal Wedding on this Friday, 29th April on TV and wish this couple would have a happy life after their marriage and would not repeat of his parents’ experience.

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