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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Funny Video-clip – Dadada babies~~

I have watched a very funny video-clip on the YouTube lately. It is about the twin babies communicate in the words “dadada” only.  When I first watched this video-clip, I found it is very funny and I even showed it to my family and they all enjoying watching those 2 babies ‘talking’ and everyone was burst into laugh.
From the video-clip, 2 babies are “talking” to each other. One of the babies is only wearing a sock and the other baby is wearing a pair of socks in different colours. From their gestures, it seems that they are talking about the socks issue. I think it is very funny to see the babies communicating, especially they are only communicating with the word ‘dadada’ throughout their whole conversation. :D
I am wondering what is the actual matter that those babies are talking about. My interpretation of after watching the video-clip is that the baby who is wearing a pair of socks is  asking another baby that why is he only wearing a sock and where is the other sock, while baby answers as he does not need it and by wearing a sock is look “cool” and lifting his leg to show him. However, the baby with a pair of socks does not agree with him and thus shaking his hand. So they are then arguing or debating about the matter of wearing a sock is looking cool! Haha! So, this is my interpretation of the video clip.
Perhaps you could let me know your interpretation of the video clip of Dadada babies. You may click the here to watch this funny twin babies! I am looking forward for your interpretations! :P Enjoy watching!!! ^.^

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