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Friday, April 8, 2011

It was a Long Waiting! :(

I went to the UMMC for my medical check-up in yesterday. Gosh, I had been waited for hours to meet the doctor. I reached the UMMC in the early morning, and then had my registration done at 8am. My appointment time was 9am. So I was sitting at the waiting area to wait for my turn. 9:10am, the doctors started to see the patients. But there were only about 3 doctors were on duty, which I saw there were many patients were waiting in the waiting area.
When I was waited patiently for my turn, I saw some of the patients who were holding the no. whom behind mine already saw the doctor and I was still sitting there to wait for my turn to see my appointed doctor. L One hour had passed, followed by another hour. Gosh, I was still waiting for my turn by 11am. I started to feel mad for it as my appointment time was 9am, and after waited for 3 hours (after the registration), it was not my turn yet. The reason given was that my appointed doctor has came in late.
By 11.15am, finally it was my turn. But my consultation was taken in less than 10 minutes after waited for 3 hours. The doctor just told me my results of my blood test and the ECHO test which I done in a week before my appointment time. Of course, the doctor did the routine work, listened to my heart-beating and told me I am okay. Then he told me to come back for another check-up after 6 months time. Luckily I managed to grab the time to ask him some questions pertaining my case and he also answered my questions. So I think this was what happening, waited for 3 hours and then only managed to talk and see the doctor for about 10 minutes time. When I came out from the consultation room, I saw there were still many patients there to wait for their turn.
Thus, I have a thought in my mind, when you visit the government hospital, you have to be a very patient person indeed! :P

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  1. 3 hours!!! You can watch one movie already. You are a very patient person indeed! Haha.